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  • ADA Accessibility Statement | CBFRC

    ADA Accessibility Statement The Children's Board Family Resource Centers (CBFRC) ar e committed to ensuring all visitors to are able to use the website to access information about the organization and the services of the CBFRC. ​ ADA Compliance In accordance with the requirements of Title II of the American’s with Disabilities Act of 1990 (“ADA”), CBFRC will not discriminate against qualified individuals on the basis of disability for services, programs, or activities. ​ ADA Coordinator – Our Commitment to Help It is important to note that improvements to the website are ongoing as we work to meet and/or exceed the requirements of the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. If you encounter a problem using our website, including issues related to accessibility or have any questions regarding our efforts around WCAG 2.0, please reach out to us so we can provide you with the information you are seeking in a timely manner. ​ CBFRC has established an ADA Coordinator to facilitate assistance for disabled residents and visitors. The ADA Coordinator can facilitate members of the public with the provision of auxiliary aids and services for CBFRC meetings, programs and events. The ADA Coordinator also investigates and seeks to resolve any complaints regarding accessibility to CBFRC facilities or programs. ​ Dexter Lewis and Tim Bennett ADA Coordinators Children’s Board of Hillsborough County 1002 E. Palm Ave. Tampa, Florida 33605 E-mail: Phone: 813-229-2884 ​ ADA Notice The ADA does not require actions that would fundamentally alter CBFRC's programs or services where that imposes an undue financial or administrative burden; however, CBFRC will make reasonable changes to its policies and programs to ensure qualified persons with disabilities of equal opportunity for its services, programs and activities. ​ Requests for accommodation should allow sufficient time to provide it. CBFRC does not surcharge any person or group for the cost of providing appropriate auxiliary aids or services, or for reasonable modification of its policies. To request an accommodation or make a suggestion regarding inaccessible programs, services or activities, please contact the ADA Coordinator referenced above. ​ Please give sufficient notice and provide the following information if you are requesting an accommodation: Your specific need Your accommodation request for the suggestion(s) Your name and contact information. ​ Third-Party Applications While you are visiting our site, you will notice that we make use of third-party sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube to provide information about (CBFRC). Though individuals may have challenges with access to these particular sites, CBFRC does not control or remedy the way content is portrayed. ​ ADA Grievance Procedure CBFRC has established a grievance procedure and will take prompt and reasonable action to investigate and eliminate discrimination when found. It should be used by any person who wishes to file a complaint alleging discrimination based on disability in the provision of services, activities, programs or benefits by CBFRC. ​ If possible, the complaint should be submitted in writing to the ADA Coordinator listed above and contain: the identity of the complainant; the basis for the allegations; and a description of the alleged discrimination with the date of occurrence. If the complaint cannot be submitted in writing, the complainant should contact the Coordinator for assistance. ​ The ADA Coordinator will respond to the complaint within thirty (30) calendar days and will take reasonable steps to resolve the matter. Should the ADA Coordinator be unable to resolve a complaint satisfactorily, the Coordinator will forward the complaint to CBFRCChief Executive Officer or her designee, who will have up to 20 business days to arrive at a final resolution of the complaint.

  • Central Tampa Team | CBFRC

    Yenny Center Manager Yenny was born in Colombia, but moved to Seville, Spain after graduating from High School. While in Spain, she studied Social Integration and Sociology. She then moved to the U.S. and lived in Portland, Oregon and Chicago; later relocating to Tampa. As a Florida resident, Yenny has worked in non-profit organizations, servicing families in different Hillsborough County communities. Yenny believes that her service to a family begins by dedicating full attention to listen to them and identify their needs. She endeavors to provide the families all the assistance they need and qualify for. Yenny always shows a smiling face, as she believes this transmits empathy. It is very rewarding when the assisted families respond to her services, also with a smile :) . ¡Yo hablo español! Coming Soon Intake and Referral Specialist Leonila is native to La Ceiba, Honduras. She speaks fluent Garifuna, Spanish, and English. Leonila started her work in the educational system in 1988 and spent several years working as a school principal in Honduras. Once she and her family moved to the United States she continued her career with a focus in childcare education. Leonila believes that life is a learning process and her greatest passion is to serve children and families. ¡Yo hablo español y Garifuna! Evelyn Family Specialist Jacqueline Support Specialist Jaqueline was born in New York and moved to Ponce, Puerto Rico when she was 5 years old. She have a Bachelor Degree in Social Work and is currently completing her Master Degree. Since 3rd grade, Jaqueline have participate in missionary trips to Dominican Republic, Haiti and Venezuela helping families with needs. Her professional goals are to serve the families of the Hillsborough County and write a book about her work experiences. " Yo hablo español" Tiffany Family Specialist (Part-Time)

  • Family Healthcare Foundation | CBFRC

    Equitable access to quality healthcare is improved with the help of a Healthcare Navigator. These services are available at all 7 CBFRCs and virtually. MONDAYS ​ Brandon from 11:00am-4:00pm Central Tampa from 9:00am--3:00pm South County from 1:00pm-5pm Town 'N Country from 10:00am-1:00pm ​ TUESDAYS South County from 10:00am-2:00pm Temple Terrace from 10:00am-2:00pm ​ WEDNESDAY ​ Temple Terrace from 9:30am-1:00pm Services in Portuguese are available virtually. THURSDAYS Brandon from 9:30am-1:00pm Central Tampa from 9:30am-3:00pm North Tampa from 1:00pm-5:00pm Plant City from 10:00am-2:00pm ​ FRIDAY ​ North Tampa 9:30am-3:00pm ​ ​ *Services in Portuguese are available virtually* To schedule an appointment with a multilingual Healthcare Navigator, click "Meet with a Navigator" or call your preferred CBFRC. Walk-ins are welcome! ​ MEET WITH A NAVIGATOR

  • Volunteer Program | CBFRC


  • Children's Board Family Resource Centers

    Welcome to the Children's Board Family Resource Centers of Hillsborough County! Funding for services is generously provided by the Children's Board of Hillsborough County . The Children's Board invests in partnerships and quality programs to support the success of all children and families in Hillsborough County. ​The Children's Board Family Resource Centers (CBFRC) function as a strong, collaborative partnership with agencies committed to families in our communities. The Centers are proudly managed by Lutheran Services Florida Find a CBFRC Near You! What Do the CBFRCs Do? Health & Safety BayCare Kids and St. Joseph's Children's Wellness and Safety Center provide high-quality health and safety programs, classes and services to Hillsborough County residents. Visit your local Family Resource Center to register for Mobile Medical Clinic, CPR/First Aid Certification Class, Developmental Screenings, Car Seat Safety and Distribution Class and more! View All Services Check the Schedule Swim Lessons High 5, Inc. is providing free swimming lessons to children in Hillsborough County ages 3 to18. Please call (813) 689-0908 for more information! The Water Warriors program provides swim lesson and water safety education for beginner swimmers. Each lesson is 45 minutes and teaches skills such as floating, breath control, submerging, and water safety education. Participants and their parents/caregivers will also learn about water safety topics such as beach safety, home pool safety and CPR. Click here for more information. Center-Driven Programming The CBFRC Teams develop, plan and facilitate an array of fun, engaging and educational programs for children and families. ​ Sighting Sight Words, Math Mania, Explorer's Club, Arts and Crafts, Sensory Play, Story Time, STEAM, Nutrition Classes, and so much more! ​ ​ Learn About Our Programs! Language Classes Learn Arabic, English, Mandarin and Spanish at no cost to you! ReDefiners World Languages offers intergenerational language classes at the seven CBFRCs to Hillsborough County residents. ​ Read More & Register! Learn & Play Tampa Bay The CBFRCs are partnered with Glazer Children's Museum to provide weekly Learn & Play sessions at each of the CBFRCs! These playgroups are designed for children up to age five and their caregivers who live in Hillsborough County. ​ ​ ​ View the Schedule and Register 2024 Children's Board Family Guide View the 2024 Family Guide and learn about all of the programs and services funded by your Children's Board of Hillsborough County, including the Family Resource Centers. Read About CBHC Focus Areas Become a Member of Your Local CBFRC! The Children's Board Family Resource Centers (CBFRC) welcome all Hillsborough County residents. Programs and services are offered at no cost to you. From our innovative center-driven programs, to services provided by community partners, to on-site resources such as computer labs and public notaries - we hope that you find what you are looking for! ​ Visit your local CBFRC to become a member and receive membership cards for your family members. Please bring photo identification for adults. Membership is valid for all CBFRC locations. ​ Find a CBFRC Near You! Gun Safety PSA Watch the new Gun Safety PSA published by your Children's Board. More CBHC News

  • Standards of Quality | CBFRC

    La filosofía detrás del concepto de apoyo familiar se basa en los modelos de mejores prácticas demostrados a nivel nacional. Los principios y estándares de calidad son la base de todos los programas e iniciativas de los centros de recursos familiares de Children's Board: Los principios de la práctica del apoyo familiar La filosofía del apoyo familiar es parte de un movimiento nacional que busca fortalecer y empoderar a las familias y comunidades para que puedan fomentar el mejor desarrollo posible de niños, jóvenes y adultos. Las alianzas comunitarias amplias están en el corazón de la prestación de servicios y programas con énfasis en el apoyo familiar, el desarrollo infantil, la salud y la seguridad, y el éxito del aprendizaje. Los Centros de Recursos Familiares de Children's Board están ubicados en todo el condado de Hillsborough y ofrecen programas y servicios que enfatizan el apoyo familiar, el desarrollo infantil, la salud y seguridad y el éxito en el aprendizaje. Se anima a todos a visitar para descubrir las muchas oportunidades disponibles para padres, niños, adolescentes e individuos. Todos los programas y servicios están disponibles sin costo alguno. Los centros están diseñados para ayudar a las familias a ser más felices, saludables y fuertes en un ambiente refrescante y hogareño donde el personal y los miembros afectuosos ofrecen apoyo, oportunidades y nuevas amistades. El proyecto está financiado por la Junta de Niños del Condado de Hillsborough y funciona como una asociación de colaboración entre agencias comprometidas con las familias en nuestra comunidad y es administrado por Luther Services Florida. Los centros ofrecen lo siguiente: Grupos de juego para el desarrollo Evaluación del desarrollo Clases de seguridad para asientos de automóvil Certificación de primeros auxilios y resucitación cardiopulmonar Servicios de clínicas móviles que incluyen: cuidado infantil, vacunas, Exámenes de la vista y la audición Coordinación de servicios familiares Listo para aprender asistencia Asistencia para la inscripción en el cuidado de la salud Consejería familiar Servicios dentales móviles Información y referencias Una variedad de actividades impulsadas por el centro Quality Standards Governance that includes parents in making decisions about Center operations. A welcoming drop-in Center that supports activities of interest to families. Effective referrals and advocacy on behalf of families to community programs and services. Parent, parent-child, and child-focused, developmental activities and efforts for both Center-based and individual family support activities. Outreach and community education efforts with a strong focus on families with children prenatal to age eight. Attention to quality management, including training and staff development that ensures that workers share the Center philosophy and have the practical and cultural competency skills necessary to support the Center and individual family goals. ​ Normas de calidad Gobernanza que incluye a los padres en la toma de decisiones sobre las operaciones del Centro. Un acogedor centro sin cita previa que apoya actividades de interés para las familias. Referencias efectivas y defensa en nombre de las familias a programas y servicios comunitarios. Actividades y esfuerzos de desarrollo enfocados en padres, padres e hijos y niños para actividades de apoyo familiar individuales y basadas en el Centro. Esfuerzos de divulgación y educación comunitaria con un fuerte enfoque en las familias con niños desde la etapa prenatal hasta los ocho años. Atención a la gestión de la calidad, incluida la capacitación y el desarrollo del personal que garantice que los trabajadores compartan la filosofía del Centro y tengan las habilidades prácticas y culturales necesarias para apoyar el Centro y las metas familiares individuales. El marco de los 5 factores de protección Cinco factores protectores son la base del enfoque de Fortalecimiento de las familias: Resiliencia de los padres Conexiones sociales Apoyo concreto en tiempos de necesidad Conocimiento de la crianza y el desarrollo infantil Competencia social y emocional de los niños Los estudios de investigación apoyan la noción de sentido común de que cuando estos factores protectores están bien establecidos en una familia, la probabilidad de abuso y negligencia infantil disminuye. Las investigaciones muestran que los 5 factores protectores también son factores "promotores" que construyen las fortalezas familiares y un entorno familiar que promueve el desarrollo óptimo de niños y jóvenes. Resiliencia de los padres Nadie puede eliminar el estrés de la crianza de los hijos, pero la capacidad de resiliencia de los padres puede afectar la forma en que los padres lidian con el estrés. La resiliencia es la capacidad de gestionar y recuperarse de todo tipo de desafíos que surgen en la vida de cada familia. Significa encontrar formas de resolver problemas, construir y mantener relaciones de confianza, incluidas las relaciones con su propio hijo, y saber cómo buscar ayuda cuando sea necesario. Conexiones sociales Los amigos, familiares, vecinos y miembros de la comunidad brindan apoyo emocional, ayudan a resolver problemas, ofrecen consejos para los padres y brindan asistencia concreta a los padres. Las redes de apoyo son esenciales para los padres y también ofrecen oportunidades para que las personas “retribuyan”, una parte importante de la autoestima y un beneficio para la comunidad. Las familias aisladas pueden necesitar ayuda adicional para establecer relaciones positivas. Apoyo concreto en tiempos de necesidad Satisfacer las necesidades económicas básicas como la comida, la vivienda, la ropa y la atención médica es esencial para que las familias prosperen. Asimismo, cuando las familias enfrentan una crisis como violencia doméstica, enfermedad mental o abuso de sustancias, es necesario que existan servicios y apoyos adecuados para brindar estabilidad, tratamiento y ayuda a los miembros de la familia para superar la crisis. Conocimiento de la crianza y el desarrollo infantil La información precisa sobre el desarrollo infantil y las expectativas apropiadas para el comportamiento de los niños en todas las edades ayudan a los padres a ver a sus niños y jóvenes de manera positiva y promover su desarrollo saludable. La información puede provenir de muchas fuentes, incluidos los miembros de la familia, así como las clases de educación para padres y la navegación por Internet. Los estudios demuestran que la información es más eficaz cuando llega en el momento preciso en que los padres la necesitan para comprender a sus propios hijos. Los padres que experimentaron una disciplina severa u otras experiencias negativas en la infancia pueden necesitar ayuda adicional para cambiar los patrones de crianza que aprendieron cuando eran niños. Competencia social y emocional de los niños La capacidad de un niño o joven para interactuar positivamente con otros, autorregular su comportamiento y comunicar sus sentimientos de manera efectiva tiene un impacto positivo en sus relaciones con su familia, otros adultos y compañeros. Los comportamientos desafiantes o el desarrollo retrasado crean un estrés adicional para las familias, por lo que la identificación temprana y la asistencia tanto para los padres como para los niños pueden evitar los resultados negativos y mantener el desarrollo encaminado.

  • What We Do | CBFRC

    Center-Driven Programming The CBFRC staff develop, plan and facilitate an array of fun, engaging and educational programs for children and families. Programs range from Sighting Sight Words, to Sensory Play, to STEM, to cultural celebrations for the whole family. Please check the calendars of each location to confirm class schedules, suggested age groups and activity details. Provider Programming Community partners and CBHC providers deliver high-quality programs and services at all CBFRC locations. Providers include: BayCare KIDS, ReDefiners World Languages, Preserve Vision Florida, Family Healthcare Foundation, Glazer Children's Museum, Junior League of Tampa, Tampa Family Health Mobile Dental Clinics, Suncoast Community Health Mobile Dental Clinics, A!SLS Success Through Learning and Support. Early Childhood Service Coordination Early Childhood Service Coordinators at the Children’s Board Family Resource Centers work with families to provide support in ways that build the family’s capacity to better meet their goals. Early Childhood Service Coordinators will: (1) Develop and complete a family support plan with goals (2) Refer family for services, supports and programs (3) Partner with families to build strong parent-child relationships and strengthen support networks. If you are interested in enrolling in this program, please call your local Center. Intake and Referral Services The CBFRCs promote an array of parent networking opportunities. Through activities, classes, support groups and special events, parents and caregivers are encouraged to network and meet others in their local community. No parent should have to raise a child alone, and building social connections and supports with other parents is healthy and celebrated in the CBFRCs. Computer Lab Each CBFRC is equipped with a Computer Lab that has printing, scanning and faxing. Our staff are prepared to assist with online job applications, ACCESS, financial aid programs, email set up Head Start program applications and more. Free Public Notary If you are in need of a Public Notary, please call your preferred CBFRC to verify that one of our on-staff Notaries is available. There is no cost to this service. Volunteer Work (18 years+) We love our volunteers! Adults 18 years and older are encouraged to bring their compassion, special talents, unique interests and valuable time to the CBFRCs. All volunteers must pass a background screening and participate in a virtual training. To apply, please fill out a brief electronic form . Community Advisory Council Each CAC is made up of representatives from the business community, faith community, school system, early learning providers, healthcare providers and community leaders, as well as members at large. The CACs hold monthly meetings to review and provide input on how the Centers can optimize their value to the community. These discussions provide CBFRC Staff with fresh perspectives on programmatic issues and community needs. CAC members are effectively voices for the community and have a budget to use toward programming. If you are interested in committing to being a CAC member, please email CBFRCinfo@lsfnetlorg for an application. Free Play Each CBFRC has a fun-filled Free Play space where kids can be kids, and parents and caregivers can enjoy a little free time with their children. From books, to puzzles, to trucks, to animal figurines, to blocks - everyone is sure to find something they like. The spaces are open during operating hours, with the exception of 30 minutes before closing (for cleaning purposes) and during Mobile Medical Clinics (held once per month at each CBFRC). Pop-Up Play The Glazer Children's Museum's "Pop-Up Play" Exhibit is exclusive to the Plant City CBFRC, and features a rotating theme throughout the year. Themes have included: forts, sea turtles, trains and classic children's literature. The exhibit is open to all Hillsborough County families at no cost and includes bilingual interactive play and learning elements. Use of Facility Community organizations and groups are encouraged to utilize the spaces available in the CBFRCs for meetings, events, client sessions, etc. If you are interested in using a room in one of the CBFRCs, please email for the form. Parent Networking Opportunities The CBFRCs promote an array of parent networking opportunities. Through activities, classes, support groups and special events, parents and caregivers are encouraged to network and meet others in their local community. No parent should have to raise a child alone, and building social connections and supports with other parents is healthy and celebrated in the CBFRCs.

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